Innova Champion Discs is one of the premier disc golf companies in the world. Formed in 1983 they are a leader in the disc golf world. Here at OTB we throw a decent amount of Innova, and stock just about everything that Innova makes! They have some of the most iconic discs in the world, like the Destroyer, Roc and Aviar. They have a large variety in types of plastics, giving you tons of options. You won’t be lacking choices if you choose them. They have a plethora of molds and plastics, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the disc you would like to throw. Many World Champions have both won and played with Innova discs. Paul McBeth, Ken Climo and Gregg Barsby are all World Champions that won their championships with them. Also World Champions like Ricky Wysocki have played with them(he won his two championships while with Latitude) showing you the Championship pedigree this company has. Innova Disc Golf has been and will continue to be a mainstay in the world of disc golf.