Our homies near the ocean at DGA have one of the best and most simple lineups in the game! DGA is the founding company of disc golf and they started in 1976!!!! Founded by “Steady” Ed Headrick this company has cemented its place in the disc golf world. They have all the slots covered, from overstable to understable. Players with slower arm speeds will love discs like the Tempest, Tremor or the Sail. These discs have a great amount of glide and tons of turn for those full flight shots. More powerful arms will love discs like the Hurricane, Quake and the Breaker. DGA is really upping their game with new discs coming out regularly. The newest of these discs is the Rift, a midrange that fits right next to the Squall. With a disc that fills every slot you can simplify your game with DGA.