Paige Pierce

Paige Pierce is one of the biggest names in the game! She has done nothing but win since she joined the tour and we are happy to have a partnership with her. Her game and contributions to the sport are gigantic. With her recent move back to Discraft she has set the disc golf world on fire with the Fierce and the rest of her Tour Series discs. OTB and Paige have had a relationship dating back to the inaugural San Francisco Open. We had her on our podcast and the relationship blossomed from there. We hope to continue this awesome partnership long into the future and support Paige the best way we can. Everyone at OTB are giant fans of Paige and all of her contributions to the game and to the world. She has really taken on a huge role in furthering the sport and doing her part on and off the course to represent our sport and culture well.

5x Disc Golf World Champion

Hometown:  Plano, Texas, USA
Professional since: 2010
Current PDGA rating: 981 (as of 10-May-2022)
Career wins: 147

World Championships: 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019

​Hobbies: Fishing, rock climbing, photography, music, swimming, hiking in the woods, searching for crystals or arrowheads, eating, playing games of any sort (board, card, bar, hand-eye coordination, etc.)

PDGA #29190

Paige Pierce is a proud ambassador for Uplay which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2017 by disc golf professional and gifted teacher Zoe AnDyke. Her intention and the organization’s mission are to promote health, well-being, and enhance communities through the provision of educational disc golf programs.