Beginner Basics

Disc golf is addicting. It could be watching the disc fly. It could be spending time outside with the grass and the trees. It could be playing a really difficult game with all types of friends. It could be the rewarding time alone. Whatever it is…it is Fun! But disc golf can be frustrating for a beginner without a little help.

Universal Play Disc Golf

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2017 by disc golf professional and gifted teacher Zoe AnDyke. Her intention and the organization’s mission are to promote health, well-being, and enhance communities through the provision of educational disc golf programs.

UPlayDG believes that today’s youth face a variety of unhealthy habits and potentially dangerous activities. By teaching core values of respect, integrity, honesty, confidence, and sportsmanship, UPlayDG uses disc golf as a fun, low impact, easy to learn outdoor sport, that burns calories while improving physical abilities, body awareness, concentration, and goal setting. Our programs insert exercise into daily lives, while instilling positive social and life skills, and increases our student’s ability to teach and enjoy an exciting outdoor activity with family and friends.

Beginner Discs in-stock

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2 thoughts on “Beginner Basics

  1. Sorry to bother you.
    I fully understand that you need different discs for different shots.
    But is there a all rounder type disc that I could get, to see if this is my thing, before spending loads?

    1. Hello Phil!

      No bother at all.

      A Roc from Innova or a Buzzz from Discraft are great throwing discs to get used to the feel and form of disc golfing. I personally like Buzzz’s.

      You definitely need a different disc than these as a putter. An Aviar from Innova is a good start.

      Let us know if you need anymore help.

      – Mark

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